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Lucent Transfer Program FAQ

"What information is needed to file a grievance?"
Answer: Include grievant HRID, SS#, NCS, Company, Work Location, current title/grade and rate of pay. Provide the job requisition number, title/grade, job location, advertised end date. If interviewed, give brief scenario of questions asked and your answers. Include any other pertinent info deemed helpful. Have Union Local submit according to established grievance procedure. Rehire cases should be forwarded from the Local directly to the appropriate Union Coordinator.
"What is the order of consideration used in filling positions advertised in LTP? "
Answer: LTP sorts candidates in the following order:· Lucent, Avaya, and Agere legal and contractual obligations.
· LTP test qualified surplus placement within the LPA.
· LTP test qualified surplus placement outside the LPA.
· LTP not yet tested surplus placement within the LPA or state.
· Recall (Operations only)
· LTP career placement
· LTP Rehire career placement
· LTP Term placement
· Hire
"As a TERM employee, am I eligible to use LTP?"
Answer: Yes, provided you meet the requirements. In order to participate you must be an active term occupational employee and have met the applicable time-in-title/grade and time-in-location requirements for your current job title.
"As a participant eligible for rehire, how long can I use LTP? "
Answer: You are eligible to use LTP up to three (3) years from your termination date.
"How do I update my profile?"
Answer: Employees can now update the skill section of the profile. Access the OUR website and from the home page select “Maintain Employee Profile”. Then select Employee Skills. Be sure to indicate the number of years the skill has been used and the last year used. Select “Save” at the bottom of the page.
"How do I request testing for LTP positions?"
Answer: You should call the Service Center at 800-296-3993.
"How do former employees who are off-roll and eligible for rehire use LTP (Lucent Transfer Program)?"
Answer: The OUR System is available via intranet only. Participants should call their LTP Coordinator for assistance or the Service Center at 800-296-3993.


Avaya: Sherry Coon: 720-444-5114
Lucent: Lisa Simpkins: 202-434-1287
"How can I access the LTP website?"


Avaya Communication:

Avaya associates can access OUR (Occupational Utilization of Resources) two different ways. First, they can access OUR directly by using the Website Address of The second way is as follows:

Main Website Address:

- Select Employee Resources at the top of the screen.
- Select Employee Service Center from the expanded list that is displayed.
-Select Learn more . . . from the My Career box.
- Select Movement
- Select U.S. Represented - Occupational Utilization of Resources (OUR)

Agere Systems:

Go to the Agere HR transactions website. The link is as follows:

- Select HR Toolkit on left-hand side/frame of the page.
- Select Tool For The Professional, then select system and click the link for OUR.
- Select the button labeled NT Log on. You will be prompted for your handle and password. Be sure to include your NT domain, a backslash (\), and your user name.
- Select OK. You should then be authenticated by the Agere web portal and have access to OUR.

Lucent Technologies:

Main Website Address:

- Select Employee Services at the top of the page
- Select Human Resources from the expanded list that is displayed
- Select the Career tab near the top of the page
- Select the Occupational Utilization of Resources (OUR) link
You will be prompted to enter your NT handle and password


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