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ATS: AT&T Transfer Services FAQ Printable Version [Acrobat 37K]
LTP: Lucent Transfer Program FAQ Printable Version [Acrobat 174K]

Welcome to the CWA C & T employment transfer assistance website for active or former employees of Agere Systems, AT&T, Avaya Inc., and Lucent Technologies. Here we provide represented members with helpful program and system information on these companies' career opportunities for continued employment or re-employment.

ATS - AT&T Transfer System - for AT&T employees

   CWA Union Coordinator - Mary Ann Alt
   202-434-1493 [email protected]

LTP - Lucent Transfer Program - for Agere Systems, Avaya Inc. and Lucent Technologies employees

   Avaya CWA Union Coordinator - Theresa Inman
   (678) 421-5051;(404) 438-1613 [email protected]

   Lucent/Agere CWA Union Coordinator - Andy Wambach
   800-326-9127 [email protected]

The Negotiated Union Coordinators:

  1. Monitor the on-going operations
  2. Review policies and procedures
  3. Address concerns raised as to the staffing of or testing for positions
  4. Interface with Local and National Union officials
  5. Act as a liaison between staffing and/or testing personnel in connection with ATS/LTP problems and resolutions.

If you feel a violation has occurred, or if you have any suggestions, please contact the appropriate Union Coordinator. We thank you for your continued support and would like to hear from you.

Members are requested to complete a profile/resume that outlines skills and work experience that is used to match your qualifications to the requirements of a job requisition. It is your responsibility to make sure the information contained in the document is accurate and up-to-date. The ability to contact candidates for open positions is critical. It is imperative that your reach number (home/cell phone, pager, and answering machine) as well as your mailing address is kept current at all times. With all the recent downsizings, contacting laid off members is increasingly becoming a problem. Make certain this current information is also available to your Local Union office. We encourage each Local Union to forward this information to all members that do not have computer access.

While AT&T recently finished negotiations for an eighteen-month contract, Agere Systems, Avaya Inc., and Lucent Technologies will be approaching 2003 bargaining very soon. Improved technology may allow additional avenues for access to documentation to active members but the staffing of positions, now more than ever, needs to be closely watched to assure fair and consistent placement of candidates adhering to the negotiated order of consideration. We are witnessing alarming discrepancies in data integrity and bypass violations. Cases involving violation issues not resolved in the grievance process may be presented to the Joint Oversight and Review Board. Cases involving Rehire candidates may be presented directly to the Board.

As a result of 1998 negotiations, LTP, a new web-based represented employee accessible system (OUR) facilitates staffing and movement at and between any of the three entities until 5/31/03. ATS operates separately from LTP.