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Active and Retired CWA members can find employer-specific (i.e., AT&T, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya & OFS) health care- and EAP-related news and information on this page, as well as related articles on topics of interest to everyone.

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AT&T: Annual Enrollment
We have had a number of calls and questions regarding Annual Enrollment this year. Nothing further regarding the Annual Enrollment dates has been posted because the Company originally provided incorrect mailing dates on which Annual Enrollment materials were to be mailed.
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AT&T: HRAs - Important Update
Healthcare premiums automatically deducted from payroll and/or pension checks are pre-tax deductions, unless the participant requests the deductions be made post-tax.
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Alcatel-Lucent: Medco's Low-Cost Generic Drug Program
It has come to my attention that not everyone is aware of Medco’s Low Cost Generic Drug Program.
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Alcatel-Lucent: Results of the 2009 Retiree Healthcare Negotiations for Plan Year 2010
The Joint Retiree Healthcare Committee (JRHC) has completed annual negotiations in regard to the Formerly Represented Retiree Healthcare Plan for 2010.
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Alcatel-Lucent: New Health Promotion - Stepping Into Health
The Joint Health Care Committee was recently given details of a new health promotion called Stepping Into Health which will begin on June 1.
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AT&T: Labor Notification - Imputed Income for Spouse and/or Child Life Insurance - 2009
Imputed income for spouse and child life insurance was calculated and applied to 8,345 bargained participants paychecks in 2009, in error. It was announced during Annual Enrollment that this imputed income type would no longer be applicable.
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AT&T: Consumer's Medical Resource
A new service is now offered to AT&T employees called Medical Decision Support. This service will help you get current, comprehensive, objective, and personalized information about health problems and treatment options.
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